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My mother told me to be good

My mother told me to be strong

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Birthdate:Nov 16
"Did he strike you that way...the Luke Skywalker-type?"
"He’s just a kid. He’s a great kid. He was like a son to me."

-Agent Ellison and Charley Dixon

John Baum lives in LA, 2007. He's a quiet, but friendly kid. John's smart, though he seems more like a dreamer than a thinker on first meeting him. He tries to make friends with the weird kids...maybe because he's a little weird himself. His dad was a police officer who died apprehending a criminal. (He was a hero.) John wasn't even born. His mom is pretty overprotective, and his sister is a freak. He's fifteen years old. And he's a lie.

"He's not a soldier."

"No. Not yet."

-Sarah Connor and Derek Reese

John Connor lives in LA, 2027. He's the leader of the human resistance against the cyborgs that've nearly destroyed the human race. He's the architect of their survival, and his men are loyal to him onto death. He has very little formal training in fighting, but he has a mind for tactics and an upbringing for survival. His mother was the best fighter he ever knew. His favorite book is The Wizard of Oz, by L. Frank Baum. He's 35. And if this all goes to Hell before it's supposed to, he might never exist.

"Isn't that what I'm supposed to be? A hero?"

-John Connor (2007)

John Connor lives in LA, 2007. He's competent in keeping himself alive, but tends to think with his heart...even when he knows better. He's a good student. He knows that no one is ever safe: his whole life has been spent undercover and on the run. His father was a soldier send back from the future to defend his mother. He died. (He was a hero.) John has some trouble juggling who he has to be for the world, and who he knows he's going to have to be...for the world. Right now he's learning how to stand up to his mother, and make his own decisions. He's also learning when that's a really stupid idea. He's in highschool. He's fifteen. And if SkyNet has its way, he's going to die.

John Connor is from Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles, and is the property of Josh Friedman, Warner Bros., and/or Fox. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.
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